Da Truth (D.T.),The Next Rap Talent Out of Illinois

It’s hard work for artists to make a name for themselves in the bustling and overpopulated music industry.  Persistence, perseverance and a good work ethic help propel struggling artists to stardom. Aspiring rapper Da Truth (D.T) knows that all too well.  He’s been writing raps since the fourth grade when he moved from Texas to the Midwest.  It began as a source of entertainment for D.T., who found himself alone and bored a lot of the time while adjusting to his new home in Illinois.  Over time, that outlet of amusement turned into something more much more serious for him. Since those humble beginnings, he has linked up with other aspiring artists and talents in Rockford, Illinois to form the group, Epitome Family.  Together, they are trying to make music their full time occupation.

D.T. describes the Epitome clan as, “A close knit group that all believe in each other and want to see each other become successful.  Everybody at Epitome has something that they specialize in, we got producers, directors, rappers, singers, and managers.”  The group worked together to produce D.T.’s music video, “Genocide” featuring Dame.  Watch the video here on D.T.’s Awesome.me profile.  It is fully directed and produced by the Epitome team and features many of its members.

D.T.’s musical influences include New York spitters, Jay-Z, Joe Budden, Fabolous and Illinois’ own rhyme slayer Kanye West.  When asked if he found inspiration in seeing other Illinois rappers, specifically Chicago rappers such as Lupe Fiasco, Kanye, Common and recently Chief Keef, reach success he responded, “I find inspiration in anybody reaching their dreams, but it hits home when an Illinois artist is the one gaining success.”  Another source of motivation for D.T are his humbling roots of growing up in the inner city of the second largest city in Illinois, Rockford.  D.T. expands on his experience growing up in the city, “Growing up in Rockford had its ups and downs like growing up in just about any inner city does, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I formed unbreakable bonds here and I cherish every experience I’ve had there.”

D.T. is hoping to reach new heights in the music world and with the backing of his multi talented team, Epitome, the sky is the limit. Go check out more of D.T.’s music on his Awesome.me profile.  The Awesome.me team is proud to host young and motivated artists like D.T. and his Epitome squad.  Their unity, family like attitude, and multi talented skill set is inspirational to all other artists and entrepreneurs alike trying to become successful.  We hope 2013 is a great year for D.T. and the Epitome family.

By: Aaron Blanchard

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