"Being creative isn’t just part of my work, it is a part of who I am.”

Shauna Leva is a freelance illustrator and craftsman working in the Boston metro area. She not only does freelance work, but she also works as the head of advertising and promotion for the University of Hartford Art School’s Masters in Illustration program and teaches children’s drawing workshops at local art centers. As an artist, Shauna’s skill set covers a wide range of talents; painting, sewing, leather working and jewelry. The most intriguing being her accessories, which she makes out of wet-formed vegetable tanned leather that she cuts, carves, and paints herself. Want an idea of how that looks? Check it out on her Etsy

“I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil.” Shauna’s entry into the art world was Illustration, and is still something she holds very dear to her heart.  As a child, “I loved to draw animals and scary creatures. I would sit in front of the television as a child and draw the images I saw even as they were moving and changing.” She was ten years old when she realized her dream was to become an artist and attend art school to become an illustrator. At twelve, Shauna created her first website to promote her artwork. She says, “I always built my websites and blog myself because I like having the freedom to change and customize the design whenever I please. My website is just another creative outlet.”

Where does Shauna get all of her inspiration? Literally everything. “I am inspired by the things around me and the media that I come in contact with on a daily basis. I really love fashion and costume design, or any sort of artwork that interacts with the body.” Jewelry, tattoos, and clothing are some of her favorite subject matter. “Apparel is the art that we interact with everyday, and it says so much about the wearer, their mood, and their aspirations.”

To keep her creative juices flowing, Shauna experiments with new techniques. “I am always trying out new ways of being creative. Whether it be scrapbooking, collages, sewing, interior design, costume-making, floral arrangement, typography…you name it. I am the sort of person who loves to learn something new everyday. Being creative isn’t just part of my work, it is a part of who I am.” 

We are very excited that Shauna has decided to use Awesome.me as one of her creative outlets. We are pleased to not only host her beautiful work but also act as an opportunity for her to inspire others. “My favorite thing about Awesome.me is its message! I think the goal of helping creative people share their talents and get discovered is a worthwhile endeavor which many would find daunting.” Check out the amazing things she’s created so far on her Awesome.me profile.

By: Aruem Shin